Minggu, 28 Maret 2010

Sample Dialogue Interview

X = Yudha as Job Seeker

Y = Fiena as Employment

In here Fiena graduated from Gunadarma University would like to applay Financial Staff at Jakarta Glow Store. . . . .

X = good morning Sir. . .

Y = good morning too, please sit down in here. .

X = okey, thank you. . .

Y = please introduce yourself. . .

X = first of all, I would like introduce my name.

My name is Fiena Agoestianz, my nick name is

fiena. Im 23 years old. I graduated from Gunadarma University majoring economy falculty. My GPA is 3,25. I would like to applay in your company as Staff Financial. I look for your company is suitable in my backgourd.

Y = why do you applay in my company

X = I applay in your company because is one of the biggest company in Indonesia. So, I believe we can advance together.

Y = in my company, there are many challenges, do you like it ?

X = yes, I like challenging because it makes ne to be perfect as person

Y = what is your hobby?

X = my hobby are reading, swimming, cooking, traveling and shoping.

Y = how many salary do you want ?

X = I hope you can give my salary based on my capability on your company.

Y = okey, welcome in my company, you can job as Staff Financial on Monday

X = thank you so much. . .


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